Cell Biology & Nutrigenomics Laboratory
  Research Fields:Cell biology, Nutritional biochemistry, Nutrigenomics and Proteomics, Antioxidant, Pharmacological nutrients, Cell signaling, Cell damage and defense, Molecular mechanism of nutrients
Office:506 Samsung Hall
E-mail: Kim626@yonsei.ac.kr
Professor: Kim, Hyeyoung, Ph.D.

Researches on nutrition and nutritional biochemistry are performed using recent cell biological techniques as well as genomic and proteomic analyses. Research areas are
 1) effect of nutrition on cellular signal transduction,
 2) interaction of antioxidant nutrition and inflammatory gene expression,
 3) nutrition deficiency on immune system,
 4) nutritional effect on cell damage and defense mechanism,
 5) nutrition on genomics and proteomics,
 6) determination of phrmacological nutrients and their underlying mechanism based on
    the pathogenesis of diseases.

  Functional Food & Nutritional Genomics Laboratory

Research Fields: Nutrigenomics, Functionality evaluation and elucidation of molecular mechanisms of functional food material, Biological functions of taurine
Office: 503 Samsung Hall
Tel/Fax : +82-2-2123-3123/+82-2-365-3118
E-mail: tspark@yonsei.ac.kr
Professor: PARK, TAESUN, Ph.D.

Research areas are
 1) Nutrients and dietary components - induced gene expression,
 2) Bioefficacy of functional food components,
 3) Development of new functional foods

The major ongoing research projects are as follows.
 1. Molecular mechanism of high-fat-diet-induced obesity.
 2. Regulation of GLUT4 translocation or adipocytokine-mediated insulin signaling pathways
    in visceral adipose tissue of high-fat-diet-induced obesity animal models.
 3. Discovery of anti-obesity biocompounds and functional foods.
 4. Development of functional foods having protective effects against ethanol-induced fatty liver
    and dyslipidemia
 5. Development of anti-fatigue and/or ergogenic health functional foods
 6. Monitoring daily intake and blood levels of trans fatty acids among Korean population

  Molecular and Cellular Nutrition Laboratory
  Research Fields: Iron metabolism in cancer, mechanisms of functional foods, function and mechanisms of fermented foods, clinical nutrition in cancer patients, cancer-related biomarkers using metabolomics
Office: 621 Samsung Hall
Tel/Fax: +82-2-2123-3091
E-mail: leeseungmin@yonsei.ac.krj
Professor: Lee, Seung-Min, Ph.D.

The lab aims to have a better understanding about gene-nutrition interaction mechanism as well as the mechanism on how nutrition can act as a healer or inducer of diseases through in vitro and in vivo experiments. Research areas are
1) Mechanism of iron chelators as cancer-related gene regulation
2) Effect of functional foods such as fermented soybeans and soymilk
3) Omics analysis on postoperative cancer and cancer-related lymphedema patients
4) Taste change in cancer patients
5) Antiviral effects of potential functional foods
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